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Poor Flowers

Suddenly,there are things that occurred in my head when I heard my friend’s story about flowers.

I am kindda sad

There is nothing wrong about flowers.

They’re look good, smells good most and some others are beneficial.

But this my friend of mine hates them for some reason that seems trivial.

When she was a child, she really love flowers, just like another little girls.

Until one day, for one good reason she picked some wild flowers and gave them to her grand mother.

Her grand mother mad at her, unexpectedly.

Granny threw the flowers away and told her that the flowers are dirt and forbade her to play with wild flower.

Since then, she really hates those beautiful plants.

For her, flowers means trouble.

So I kindda sad to hear that, coz I know flowers have not anything to do with this case.

That story makes me think that we have to be really careful to say or to do something to another.

Coz you will never know how one thing can be very influential to one’s life




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